Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wedding Highlight film I did for the Casalla family

Jeremi and Yarivette from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.
Shot and edited by Phillip Thompson.

KRS-ONE at Mr. Smalls 4/4/2014

KRS-ONE in Pittsburgh at Mr. Smalls 4/4/2014 from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.
Krs-one ripped Mr. Smalls theater, w/Smilo, Jasiri X, Get Down Gang, Paradise ect. I shot and edited this footage ages ago, but was never made available to the public...now up for everyone to see.

Friday, February 5, 2016


I can't wait to do this event 2/5/16.....I am going to go in on the turntables that night

Djing at the Goldmark next week!!!!!!

R.I.P Maurice White

R.I.P Maurice White (EWF) (Dj Big Phill practice session) from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.
Learned today that Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire passed away today, While doing my practice Dj session today, I used all EWF records...here is a clip of the session. Nothing special, but I am a huge EWF fan, especially M. White's vocals

Monday, December 7, 2015

Friday 12/11/15 is going to be real serious. I am having my 'Big Phill and Friends" Christmas party at Gus cafe. Special Guest include -The come up,Hubbs, Divine Seven, Dj Phinese, Shade Cobain, DJ Kb and many others. Collecting can goods for these fortunate...no admission..I did the flyer, made a few alterations from a template.

Friday, December 4, 2015

I will be doing a Guest DJ set on the radio today

Check me out on Wamo, today at 5pm doing a guest dj set. Click on the link below to listen online at 5pm eastern time.

WAMO 100....click here to listen online


Great video piece about stand-up paddle boarding that I shot and edited...(additional support provided by some of the youth and Ian of SurfSUP) Was a great Weekend

SurfSUP Kon-O-Kwee from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Rust college founders week clip 2015

Clip from Rust college's founders weekend...just a small clip....probably the best one I have been to. A longer piece is coming by Christmas 2015, showing a recap the entire weekend.

RUST COLLEGE FOUNDERS DAY CLIP 1 2015 from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Leaving Monica's

Before leaving from my trip to Rust college....had to stop over Monica's house....always hard to leave. So much love and history I share with these people.....can't even put into words.

Leaving Monica's 2015 from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.


Footage from Zombie Fest 2015......my kids make a cameo in the piece. lol

Zombie Fest 2015 (Big phill footage) from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Piece I edited for Conflict Kitchen

Video piece I did for Lighthouse and Conflict Kitchen......great film....

CONFLICT 5th version from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

DAS EFX live in Pittsburgh

Clips from the Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Brand Nubians, Das Efx show......clip focuses on DAS Efx....more footage coming soon

DAS EFX live in PITTSBURGH 2015 from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Practice Session

Quick video I did with DJ Bamboo and DJ Phinesse. We were in the basement practicing, and I decided to turn on the camera.....and here it is

DJ practice with DJ Phinesse, Big Phill and Bamboo from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Over a year ago I took part in helping to teach photography at Point Park College. Here is a video piece I put together, that highlighted the instruction that took place in that summer course.

Still feel like going on mp4 version from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

Flyers from past events

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


New video for Ron-sin.....didn't get a chance to upload, was out the country......Ron-sin had a concept and I tried my best to display his concept

Saturday, August 3, 2013


On my way out the country, so when I get a chance I will write a more info about this video......but here is one of 3 new videos coming your way from R-Sin.....this video was fun to shoot and host a ton of cameos...it is short,but is still a dope video.