Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skillz Video with Production by JOE MONEY AKA USEF DINERO

New Skillz video feat Kweli, the video is broken up into 2 parts...2 different songs altogether. The second song was produced by Kwame, the first by Usef Dinero aka Joe Money. I have known Joe for years, an he is one the best Producers here in Pittsburgh, and in my opinion one of the best period. We have been working on a film project for awhile, (for one of his music projects)...and as soon as I have a update..I will post it here. ***NOTE I DID NOT DO THIS VIDEO NOR HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIDEO** I am posting it becuase, my homeboy Joe, produced the track (for the first part of the video)..and we got something in the works.

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