Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Video I did for J.SANDS a few years ago

The history on this video is a story all in itself. The song manifest was completed in 2002 and released on J.Sands B.U.K.A imprint (distributed by GROOVE ATTACK out in GERMANY). The B.Side of the 12" has a joint called "TIMES WE CHILL" produced by GEEMAN and featured, J,SANDS, Kaleesh and (one of my personal all time favorites) LG...scratches by none other than myself. This Song is like a Pittsburgh "Symphony"..never got the props it deserved in this city, but good record regardless. The video is for the "A" side entitled: "Manifest". Me and T-note (if I remember correctly J.Malls was there too) shot the video (early in the morning)..up until well into the evening. I wanted to initially edit the video, but Sands had someone else he had in mind to do the actually editing. Over a year or so later (maybe 2) J.sands (changed his mind) gave me all the original footage and asked me to do it. It may not have been my best editing job (but this was a few years ago), but I still feel as if it got the job done. It did find it's way onto J.Sands "The breaks 2" enhanced cd....J.Malls did the artwork for the CD..CHECK OUT MY CAMEO APPEARANCE at 1:52

MANIFEST VIDEO from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

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