Monday, April 27, 2009

Sites you need to know

In today's era of twittering, facebook and myspace, hip hop artist's web presence have gotten stale. check out and Duo Live's site. These two sites are actually well put together, and you will want to spend some time on those two websites. Be sure to peep out that new Reflection Eternal video on radioplanet and "shootin" on DUO LIVE's page. ***NOTE*** you can go to vimeo and download the HD version of the Reflection Eternal Video

(ARTIST TAKE NOTES!!!!! THIS IS HOW SITES SHOULD BE...clean interface, easy to navigate....and tons of INFORMATION...what good is having a site, if no-one spends time there?)

BTW I predict that this summer is going to be reminiscent of when 1999/2000 when you had Reflection Eternal's train of thought record, the root's "things fall apart", common's "water for chocolate", slum village fantastic vol.2...if you can remember that was a good time for loving good hip hop music...BEFORE everyone decided they wanted to go off and make some pseudo-weirdo hip hop. Just speaking the truth. Hate to sound harsh, but when I hear that new Reflection Eternal, I get inspired to go back in the lab and get to work.

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