Saturday, February 20, 2010

LOST IT ALL (almost)

Not too long ago (one of) my external hard drive crashed. This resulted in me losing almost all the beats I made over the past 3 or so years (this drive was my back-up). I almost lost all my pics nd a ton of film/video taken as well. I was able to recover most of it, but none of the names (of the files) are the same. So for instance; beats that were made on reason are done, becuase I can't link the files to "generic" named samples/audio ect. So this has put me back, on finishing my record. If nothing else this has motivated me in a strange way. In good news got my new cam I was looking foward to, so I have another weapon in the arsenal. In the next month or so I am going to bombard my Vimeo acct with short films...and I am actually looking to shoot some major/indie artist video projects (again) in the near future.

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