Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eric Roberson is by far the best in the biz right now

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to experience a Eric Roberson live show/concert.  My fam "Smi" was spinning and he he informed that the show was changed (at the last minute) from being a free joint outside to another venue.  All that week we had been having bad "sudden" rain I suppose it was a precaution.  I will say this, this was one of the best shows I have ever been to.....and I have been to a lot as well have been a part of many as well.  E. Roberson is by far the best song writer in modern R&B/soul/neo-soul ect.. for at least the last couple of years.....hands competition.  If you disagree.....then I am scared of what your record collection actually looks like lol.  This cat is independent and still got nominated for a Grammy...Do yourself a this brotha, you won't be disappointed.  

Anyway...I took my oldest daughter and my son with me....I felt like this was a show they needed to witness, so they have something to compare all this other nonsense to.  Now, my kids know and love music an they can recognize whats real.  My son already was a fan, being that one of his favorite joints was "pen just cries away" off of his "left" CD..and my son is only 10.

I had the GH1 with me...and was able to film the entire 1080p 24fps..and it looks amazing.  I will be honest, it wasn't my most steadiest shoot (no tri-pod..all hand held)..and being that I was hype...didn't help either.  I did catch myself from time to time, and attempted to shoot as technical as possible ..but I was caught up in the spirit of the some point I will try and edit it (possibly)...I do want to go head and let Eric Roberson get this footage, so I will try and make that happen soon.  Of course I am going to try and get him on my record.....even if its just on a interlude...need that on my project.

Also...met his pops and he is one of the coolest cats I met in a long time..... 

Here are two  screen grabs taken from the gh1 footage

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