Friday, September 10, 2010

I (DJ BIG PHILL) w/be the Special Guest at Classic Material

I will be a special Guest at the upcoming "Classic Material" here in Pittsburgh.  I asked Smi about being on the next one and the theme I wanted to do....well I can let DJ selectah sum it up for you better than I can....below is the message he sent out via Facebook:

James Scoglietti Big Phill has been bugging me for years to track down reissues of some classic blaxploitation records via one of my distributors. Admittedly, I've lallygagged, and it's been a bit of a recurring joke every time we cross paths. So, when Phil approached SMI about doing a blaxploitation night at CM, I couldn't refuse. Blaxploitation movies have provided the backdrop for many a classic hip-hop track. If it wasn't for James Brown's contribution to the Black Caesar soundtrack "Blind Man Can See It", we would be stuck with the wack remix of "They Want EFX", not the the ill guitar loop that still drives folks bananas to this day. And who can forgot about Marvin Gaye lending "A Touch Of Jazz" to Jeff & The Fresh Prince courtesy of "T Plays It Cool" from the all Marvin "Trouble Man" soundtrack.

Blaxploitation flix's have provided countless hours of visual and audible entertainment over the years, tonight we will honor the best of the genre, complete with the hip-hop artists that freaked the samples + film clips on the big screen all night! Phil is a master at this genre, come check out the collection he has amassed over the years, alongside residents Selecta and SMI. Thanks for keeping Classic Material fresh and exciting as we move in to our fourth year of amazing parties. Next month Mr. Murray will be in the place to be for the "Most Beautifullest" edition of CM. Cheers!

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Don't miss it...I am going to show  a special video presentation that will be more than appropriate for the event

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