Friday, October 29, 2010

"Always official" behind the scenes shoot at BLB studios

I had a few people come through for a session at BLB studios. This song was supposed to be recorded over a month ago, but with so many people on the joint had to accommodate every ones schedule.  Some people sent in verses via the net, and a few couldn't make it on that day as well.  The reason why I wanted (almost) everyone present during the session, was so that they could feed off of each other and that I could actually "produce" the track instead of just having people do their verse over the beat I made some time ago.  The session was a success, was actually able to start two songs, as well as build with everyone involved.  Dj Huggy and Deizel were both engineering the session and me and T-note had the cameras and lights going.  Some of us did double duty that day I was in control of the session as well as filming and taking pics and T-note did his verse and kept the cameras going as well.  Video coming soon, until then here are a few screen grabs (clips from the video).....all of the pics listed before were stills taken from video, everyone besides for the one taken of Huggy and Deizel.  I dumped the Video into the mac...then did my "magic" on them...(on a side note....if you use these pics the only thing I ask is that you give us our proper credit.)

Big Phill
Divine Seven


Deizel and Huggy


Rory - Stilltown said...

Crispy Critters!

P.Thompson (DJ BIG PHILL) said...

thanks.....and thanks for coming to the will be in the video

Cityneedsme said...

Where's that studio located?