Sunday, March 27, 2011

Footage from the Grand opening of the new 720 Records store and cafe

I could talk all day about why the new 720 records and cafe is the place to be, but I would rather let the footage speak for itself.  Congratulations to Paul, Nate the Phat, Dj Selectah and everyone else involved in the endevor.  Don't forget to cop your Run 412 shirts from either the online store or the physical location...did I fail to mention that the shirt is the Brainchild of me and Paul Dang......

This piece was shot with the gh1(13) and a canon 50mm FD lens.  There are several cameos in this piece, ranging from dj Buscrates,  Shamir,  all the way to the Legendary DJ Hank D.   The most important cameo is my son, Little Phill.

All shots handheld, no tripods,monopods ect....just had the camera on me and started shooting.

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