Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Been a hectic month (to say the least) I think I have edited more video/film this past few weeks than I have in quite some time.   The good thing about that is (of course) the money, the bad thing is...the time.  I haven't uploaded any new video in ages, partially because most of the pieces I have worked on, were/are for clients.  By the end of this week (yes another promise) I will be adding  bunch of new videos, music and pics.

Looking at hopefully renting a floor at this building in Mckeesport to have a physical space to do my work, I will also probably be looking to hire people to assist with what is looking to be a busy summer.  I should be uploading footage from the Ryhmecalistetics that took place in New York and in DC (Howard University), another Marcy Video, Exclusive Mike Epps footage, Dead Prez and many more...........Here are a few behind the scene pics from a few shoots.

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