Saturday, May 21, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW (sort of)

First and foremost, had a meeting with the "Varsity Squad" and though I would like to discuss the outcome of the meeting...lets just say that the near future is about to become really interesting.

The RyhmeCalistetics looks like its about to actually be picked up and get a tv show......(can't really talk about the really as well....for now). I don't think my involvement will be that big, but I am still happy that I was/am part of the reason why the tv show is going to actually see he light of day.

The actor Lamman Rucker (a Pittsburgh native) stopped by my after school program at Westinghouse earlier this week and briefly chilled and took pics with the my students.

Tonight is of course "Classic Material" at the Shadow lounge....the reggae edition...gonna be live.  I am not Djing this one...but me and T-Note will semi-host the event.  Not really feeling the flyer for this edition (hate to say it), but Classic Material is about the best event every Month...and I will be Spinning at the next one.

3 new videos dropping this upcoming week......(that I can actually post on the blog...)

Also got some things on the horizon with "Frequently Fly Clothing"

Last but not least.....looking for a intern this summer.

Finally got a Skype account.


Lamman Rucker and Jill Scott 
Classic Material tonight at the Shadow Lounge (hate this flyer)...gonna be dope though

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