Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diamond D live at the shadow lounge

We brought the legendary Diamond D to Pittsburgh this past July. Diamond D is one of my favorite producers of all time and he turned out to be good peoples as well. We shot so much footage, but one of my SD cards got corrupted and I lost a ton of footage. The worst part of it is that the footage I lost was of me and Diamond D digging for records at Jerry's records. As a dj and producer that moment was beyond surreal. We went threw tons of boxes of 45's and Diamond was pulling out banger after banger. I'm sick that the footage is lost, but in this piece we talked about it. Diamond did his thing on the tables that night, I even made my set extra short just so everyone else could get their time in. On a side note...we made it to Smi's crib and Diamond blessed us with some exclusive joints...was a dope weekend overall. Footage was shot with the GH1 and I used the kit lens because my 50mm came up missing a week or two before hand. I apologize for the shaky camera movement during the performance, but I was too busy enjoying the night , to be worried about Pristine filming techniques lol

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