Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trailer for the Rust College mini-documentary I am putting together

Click below and view the trailer for the new Rust college mini-documentary I am in the process of putting together. I got my degree from Rust back in 1995 and this was my first time going back to the campus during founder's week. To put it in perspective I have been back on several occasions (3 times this year alone), but this was my first time back during that weekend. I will never miss another one. I do believe that the years I went to Rust (and a few years before and after) can never be duplicated again. I am going to debut the film here on my blog (for free) and will continue to drop previews of the film in weeks to come.


justin copeland said...

What's up Phill im digging your blogg page, love how you have the real hip hop vibe!! Keep doing what you doing.

P.Thompson (DJ BIG PHILL) said...

thanks fam