Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pics from Hubbs Video Shoot

My fam hubbs had a shoot on sat, He asked me to come through and get a cameo...this might be the first video that I was in/a part of that I didn't do any shooting. Jordan Beckham and his crew did the shoot....I did grab a few pics for myself though. The really dope thing about that evening was seeing my son play with Brick and Hubbs kids.....2nd Generation Hip Hop heads....gots to love it. Here are a few picks from the day...all pics were taken by me except for the second pic, that was taken by lil phill.
Dj Big Phill (myself) and Beedie...we got something special on the horizon
The fam chillen at Mellon park after the shoot
exactly what it looks like.....behind the scenes from the shoot
The 2nd Generation, Lil Phill (in the "P" shirt), Hubb's two boys and lil Brick
Hubb's sons and Lil Phill at the video shoot

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