Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ok, this is a clip from a meeting a called about a year ago, which included Me (BIG PHIL),Boka, Emmai, Keygen, The button pusher, Nate the Phat, Image, Supa C, Daru Jones, DJ Assassin, DJ Spade, DJ Mad Buddha. This clip doesn't included everyone that was there due to the fact that we started filming our random conversation. This clip only contains a few minutes of the meeting, and it has not been edited in any shape or form. There is at least another 2 hours of this footage, which includes everybody else that was listed above.

***NOTE*** there were about 5-7 more people invited, but couldn't make it do to their scheduling

THE MEETING PART 1 from 33 1/3 Media on Vimeo.

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