Saturday, June 26, 2010

DJ HOUSE SHOES at The shadow lounge

House shoes finally made it to the 412 and he killed it.  I didn't know he was coming to the shadow until the night before (via SMI) and was scrambling to find his cell number (in a old phone probably) to hit him...but saddely my cell is now R.I.P.  When he came through he didn't recognize me w/the beard at first..but only took a minute to remake the connection.

  When I say he killed it, he killed it.  Wish there were more people there that night (was a last minute gig) but for those there it was ill.  Of course he banged plenty of dilla joints w/the originals..but my thing was that he just kept it going non-stop. Gots to have him come through again...for one of my joints.

If you don't know who house shoes is just google Dj house shoes......too many links to post.  I will post video soon.....

DJ HOUSE SHOES at the shadow lounge

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