Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple releases new version of final cut...but

Apple released a new version of final cut pro, and called it Final cut X.   The last version of final cut pro is titled final cut 7 (they skipped 8 and 9?).  Usually this would be welcomed addition to my editing tools, the only problem is that they dumbed down the program.  They have taken out almost all the features that make it a "PRO" editing program.  It is basically iMovie HD.  There were so many complaint on the Apple website that they shit down the comments section for the APP (btw it can only be downloaded via the app store?) and have issued refunds.  I think apple has lost touched with what made Apple special to start with.  I can bet that this app will find its way on the Ipad somehow (hence the small amount of space it takes up) and will be able to be uploaded and worked on via the new apple "Cloud" system.

Conan O' Brian did a skit on his show about the new software, which pretty much sums up how most of us professionals feel about the software......check it out

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