Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We got Diamond D (D.I.T.C) Spinning at Classic Material on July 16th.  This has all the makings of being the best party of the year.  Me (Dj Big Phill), Selectah, and SMI will be spinning....the Varsity Squad will Perform a set and T-NOTE will be the host for the evening....this is going to be serious.  Me and T-NOTE gonna have something special setup for that evening....gonna be really dope.  As you all know, Classic Material will have guest DJ's/MC's from time to time, and when DiamonD D's name came up.....I called J.Rawls.  Being that Diamond is on Rawls record, Rawls is my people....I hit up Rawls and he made the connect.  To be honest, without J.Rawls involvement, this may not have taken place. Me an Diamond went over the particulars of the event and here it is.

We will be recording this show and this is going to be that one party that if you miss it.....well you just missed it.

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