Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The first film/documentary done about Pittsburgh Hip hop was done by me back in 2000. My group HI-LOW was making some noise and to be honest it was just the fam getting it in...ME, T-note, U-turn (Yusef) and Chenits (tomorrow aka Chen-Low). The funny thing about it is that we were doing a ton of shows, no records out, no deal,no manager just on the road having fun doing what we love to do. This documentary had it's debut at the Andy Warhol museum and was eventually put out on VHS...(yes I said VHS). It was all grind all the time. I never uploaded it for several reasons, but my homeboy Will from High Impact Designs uploaded it, so I thought I would share it. It's not the best copy in the world, and it was basically me with a camera taping me and my people's shows. Like I said I focuse don our squad HI-LOW but had to give love to other cats from the 412, such as J.Sands, Strict flow, RXC, ROOK and BISHOP ect....(also look out for cameos from Mos Def and Kweli) There is even some footage from Rust college in there. Sometimes I can show you better than I can tell you.....btw I do have a better copy...I should probably upload that at some time. Here are the break marks for HI-LOW 1:49 (performance), 7:30 (Yusef/U-turn is drunk out of his mind in DC, after a show with J.Sands, Kweli and Unspoken Heard...unable to get out the car and eat), 8:48 (performance), 10:36(performance w/rook n bishop), 15:10 old school recording sessions, 22:59 Scene at Rust College 1994, 24:40 Performance and just us until the end.....dope *****NOTE***** The version that is on here is now from my master tape, not Will's version, mine is a little cleaner.....the marks may be a second or two off...but enjoy anyway******

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