Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So 2012 is upon us (soon) with that comes my ultra update before the new year. In the next few days I will upload footage from the CLASSIC MATERIAL WU-TANG edition...dope party if you missed it then you can finally see a few shots from it, I will also have some video pieces from several other events I was involved in this year as well as the party of the year "My 40th bday event." Also make sure you cop the new RUN 412 hoodies......really dope. ALSO i picked up a new Pittsburgh shirt, that has the "P" logo comprised of artists names of people who are from Pittsburgh and or have resided in Pittsburgh at one point or another.....everyone from Ahmad Jamal to Wiz Khalifa...btw my name is on there as well. I had no idea this shirt was out, so you know I had to cop one.

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