Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apologize for the lack of updates

I know I have been ULTRA-SLACKING, and yes again I apologize, but I have been so busy, and I will not allow that to be a excuse, but it is the truth.  Did some work with the legendary Diamond D, he even gave me 3 beats to work with my artists "Sahaar".  We will have that joint done this friday.

The radio show is still going strong at log in every wed from 9-11pm eastern to hear my show "THE ALUMNI SHOW".  I will start posting links to past shows, so just in case you can't catch it live or just want to play it on your ipod ect....btw tonight show is going to be one of the illest me on that.

Tons of video work in the pipeline....and beats and ect..ect..ect.....

Suppose to go to the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival this weekend with Busta Rhymes, but doesn't look like I am going to make it.  The Rhyme Cal will have their Hip hop Game-show showcase at the festival ( I spun at the last one, #11 a few weeks ago) I do need to make it to New York that weekend for it, but I got so much going on here.

Thursday spinning with the band (every thursday) at the Shadow lounge for open mic.  There has been a lot of talent to come through and it just keeps getting better.

Found a mego goldmine last week (I know your like huh?) lol

Monday going to DC to see Team USA Basketball vs Brazil....can't miss it......this is definatly the
highlight of my summer.

Got a dope event happening tomorrow, but I am not at liberty to discus it until afterwards.....

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