Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My son little phill "celebrity in his right"

For those that don't know my Son "Little Phill" has become a celebrity in his own right in the city. He has done modeling work for Timebomb shop (the illest clothing store in the 412 and probably worldwide) you can see him on the splash page for the timebomb shop website at ....The only thing is that you may have to click several times to see him due to there being rotating front pages to the site.  He has done cameos in various music videos (see the new beedie video dropping soon) and he has been spotted on stage with several hip hop acts in the city....btw he isn't even a teenager yet.  starting him out young, he doesn't get on the mic, but hey he's a celebrity...he doesn't have to.

You can check out Timebomb clothing and the owner (my good friend brick) in the new Wiz Khalifa Video "work hard play hard"  and while your at it check out Beedies Video for old soul.....( My son isn't in this one also I did neither of these)  You can see Timebomb clothing featured in both of theses videos. Shout out to my man Brick (the owner of Timebomb, for putting little Phill on the site) Brick is also featured in both of these videos.

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